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Vesta. Hey there. Your Vesta is conjunct Pluto. Ceres is a PLANET, and it's high time astrologers honored her as such! Most still use Ceres only in the company of her former sister asteroids, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. Vesta in my chart is libra on the 1rst house widely conjunct my moon/pluto or at least the moon is sandwiched between Vesta and Pluto. They straddle my IC within a degree with Pluto in the 3rd, Uranus in the 4th. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. (now conjunct Mercury), Pluto Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde. I’ve read somewhere that transiting Pluto is conjunct his own South Node now (as well as the south nodes of Jupiter and Saturn) so maybe transformation will be achieved when a release of past power structures – structures that used to work but don’t anymore – takes place. Vesta also has an effect on our sexuality, but it is not the raw, animal drive of Mars or Pluto. I am looking for articles that address this aspect… KRISTA FROM LYNN: I have not had much success in analyzing Eris through the Houses so I probably will not be writing an article. vesta conjunct plutoVesta also has an effect on our sexuality, but it is not the raw, animal drive of Mars or Pluto. Grand Cross Begins: Sun-Vesta-Ceres-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto. Uranus conjunct Neptune is being activated by transiting Pluto in 2017 and 2018, and by […]Having a natal Venus conjunct Pluto for better or worse, is tiring. Having a chuckle on reading this, in my chart Zeus is conjunct Vesta in my 7th house Taurus, in his current transit he is conjunct my Pallas/Juno conjuction in Pisces 5th house, so maybe that “God” is finally possibly going to show up, rather than the control freaks of past who seemed determined to try to make me go dark lol! Jupiter trine Vesta, Venus conjunct Chariklo, Mars sextile Pluto – Cosmic Diaries Blog Artelisa Victorian Boutique Random Astrology Aspects, Synastry, Transits Expert Astrologer Maria DeSimone recalls a personal horror story and how the Mars-Pluto aspect in her birth chart gives her a warrior spirit Mars-Pluto Aspects: Fighting for Your Life As an healing asteroid I have chiron conjunct sun by 1 degree in 20 sag also oppossess my moon in 18 gem. Krista Says: Apr 5, 05:57 AM I have natal Eris exact conjunct MC- 8 Aries… I am looking for articles that address this aspect… KRISTA FROM LYNN: I have not had much success in analyzing Eris through the Houses so I probably will not be writing an article. Trines my Aquarius sun. Medusa is exact conj. Actor Antonio Banderas has Eros almost exactly conjunct Mars in Gemini, in square to Pluto and Venus in Virgo, sigh; while sex kitten Bridgett Bardot has Cupido conjunct her Mars in Leo. He is an aries ascendant with moon in capricon. Jupiter trine Vesta, Venus conjunct Chariklo, Mars sextile Pluto “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. I have mars conjunct pluto in Scorpio, in my 12th house. Synastry Aspects- Sun Conjunct Moon Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel. Pluto in House Chiron in House Ceres in House Pallas in House Juno in House Vesta in House The North Node in House Lilith in House Vesta is not used very often His pluto conjunct her Vertex in Libra A bit of a difficult question, and the interpretation is not necessarily pretty, either. Your desire nature manifests more fully and thus becomes better known. No much above mentioned CONJ in our synastry, except the close proximity of my Poseidon to her Moon. I am looking at charts of famous people with very tight aspects, up to 2º 30 at most. Sun and Venus overlay 1st house. Some of the most dramatic moments in a life arrive when transiting Saturn or Uranus, or Neptune, or Pluto, in hard aspect to natal Sun, Ascendant, Midheaven or Moon, are added to an Ascendant, a stellium, a Sun or a Mars of Solar return in the first, sixth or twelfth house of the Solar Return; 17. My Vesta trines his NN. This means the planet person is physically attracted to the ascendant person's looks and outer layer. This is mythologically intriguing, Hades and Demeter Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. My husband and I have volunteered in this capacity for years. sex and astrology (1) Pluto's Night (1) Pluto's Orchestration of Fate (1) pornography (1) Prescription for 22 thoughts on “ Planets or Asteroids Conjunct the Ascendant ” Alyssa February 9, 2012 at 1:06 pm I have Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Eros conjunct my Scorpio ascendant. Indeed we see the two sixth ray planets (Mars and Neptune) widely conjunct (8º), and Vesta, a major asteroid partially connected with the devotion and commitment of the sixth ray, is in the Mars-ruled sign, Aries, conjunct the MC. Uranus conjunct Neptune is a rare alignment that occurs every 168 years. There can be great attraction, a need to control, issues regarding sexual taboos, obsessions, or even addictions to substances or sensations. Pluto won’t actually conjunct Vega to the degree until March, 2015, when it will arrive at 15 Capricorn and then go station/retrograde AT 15 Capricorn in April of 2015, moving back and forth across this degree until it leaves 15 Capricorn in November of 2017. They oppose Chiron in Pisces at the MC in the 9th, Saturn about 8 degrees away in the 9th and the astroid Ceres in PIsces a couple of degrees from the MC in the 10th. I am excited (and nervous!) to see what May 2018 will bring! I have a lot of Scorpio factors (Pluto at 02 Scorpio, Vesta at 08 Scorpio, Saturn at 21 Scorpio, Minerva at 21 Scorpio, MC at 24 Scorpio, and South Node at 13 Scorpio), with Hygeia at 01 Taurus and North Node at 13 Taurus. 64 thoughts on “ Synastry–The Moon Conjunct 20 Asteroids ” MoonChild January 13, 2014 at 8:33 am. What is the meaning of the Ascendant conjunct North Node? Update Cancel. progressed Vesta, while in Sully's chart, the transiting Sun was trine his progressed Vesta. This is the channel to tune into if you want to learn real astrology. Both have Moon-Pluto natal aspects, so finding perspective in emotional matters is challenging, to say the least. Posts about Venus conjunct Pluto written by Sal. Other Cases:-----The unfortunate Elizabeth Stride has Nessus opposed her Sun exact. The transiting S. Vesta-Pluto: The evolutionary necessity of real service December 10, 2013 December 10, 2013 by Amanda Painter Among this week’s central events is a square between Vesta in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, exact today at 8:54 pm EST. I’ve been trying to interpret the real core meaning of Nessus as well in one’s natal chart and since there seems to be little or vague information however, I’ve been getting quite confused. This winter sounds like a challenging time for politicians Nancy. They bring major moves in the Forex, banks, or other trade-war issues. Trans. 1. the best astrology site for daily astrology forecasts, transit search engine, astrology calendars, astrology chart, reports, forecasts. Vertex and by 2º & 4 º conj Moon Pluto in virgo 7th. Nessus seems to take me to places in relationships. Eros conjunct the ascendant Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus of another. Venus Conjunct North Node – ENLIGHTENED MESSAGES Venus Conjunct North Node Transit Back in the day, even before snail mail, it is popular— and somewhat amusing— to presume, with much glamorized help from Hollywood, that people relied on ravens to send their messages within scrolls, rolled up tightly, and tied to their talon. Throw in a conjunction to Pluto and your nurturing could be used to gain power over your partner. Vesta is already all-work no-play, but in the persistent, rugged sign of Capricorn, she may become a put-upon priestess. Some of Izzard's other chart factors: Mars and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, Pluto less than 1 degree from the Virgo Asd. For instance I have moon opposite Pluto so a lot of times in the past I have had issues with women Pluto makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Lillith-to-Vesta-Chiron Opposition, and for the next week or so the Sun mirrors it, forming a Kite focused on Vesta-Chiron. The Martian drive in hard aspect to love asteroids can show up strongly in the charts of prominent athletes and those who traffic in violence. The Moon is the planet of emotional responses and needs, so the intense power of Pluto connected to it means that you don’t have a faint heart. The Pluto conjunct Venus transit is a once in a lifetime process of transformation in relationships! It heralds intense and sometimes obsessive love affairs, many of which are one-sided. . Pluto and the sign her rules, Scorpio, both have obsessive qualities. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD. The A person Pluto forms an aspect to the B person Venus, but the B person Pluto also aspects the A person Venus. My Vesta conjunct DC,Pluto 5° degrees away,(too large May 20, 2011 Those who have Vesta conjunct a relationship planet, natally, will have a . Opposes Neptune in Sagittarius. And the Lunar Node axis is generally within a few degrees of the Ascendant, but it can be the North or South Node. The Part of Fortune is always conjunct the Ascendant during the New Moon or Solar Eclipse. I have a stellium of planets in my 3rd House conjunct my natal Pluto at 2Vir40. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this fascinating article. However, the powerhouses are asteroids conjunct personal parts of the chart. I understand the vertex of a chart to represent the lessons and concepts you will be drawn to in lifeLibra represents the need to build bridges between people, to mediate, to hep others better relate to each other Pluto will be trine the U. His mother died when he was 6 years old, but he began dressing in women's clothes 2 years before then. Wow! How interesting to read about Vesta! Never did I know that Vesta pretty much “rules” my chart with its abundant presence! I have Vesta trine my sun, moon, and uranus, square my mercury and my venus, and conjunct my mars. Related Transits: Uranus Conjunct Sun, Uranus Conjunct Moon, Uranus Conjunct Mercury, Uranus Conjunct Venus, Uranus Conjunct Jupiter, Uranus Conjunct Saturn, Uranus Conjunct Uranus, Uranus Conjunct Neptune, Uranus Conjunct Pluto, Uranus Conjunct Ascendant, Uranus Conjunct Midheaven, If that Lesath Mars is in the Eighth house, conjunct Uranus and square Pluto in the Twelfth, then we may have a psychopath on our hands! Or at least the tendency towards that type of behavior. An Open Letter == This week’s Audio Forecast for the 12 signs are now ready for download. Tags: Ceres conjunct Uranus, Daily Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Moon conjunct Ceres, Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon Phase, Moon Sign, Venus conjunct Vesta. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Additionally, Pluto is conjunct my sun in the twelfth house, and mars is conjunct lilith who is riding my 11th house cusp by half a degree. Composite Uranus to Composite Planets Composite Uranus to Composite Sun With Composite Sun conjunct Composite Uranus, this is a relationship that likely never has a dull moment, and change is constant. his conjunct my Asc (1 deg) mine conjunct his Sun (0 deg) his conjunct my Moon (2 deg) mine conjunct his Venus (1 deg) his trine my Jupiter (0 deg) his sextile my Saturn (2 deg) his square my Vertex (1 deg) mine conjunct his Vesta (1 deg) Is it normal to see these many Juno aspects in synastry? 1. She is likely to have Moon conjunct Kaali to go with her Mars Neptune conjunction. Psyche conjunct North Node Saturn conjunct IC. ” This is a reminder of what all life has in common. Transiting Black Moon Lilith (BML) at 23 Leo is closely conjunct Rose’s natal Vesta in at 22 Leo/4th house. Success in your career or calling is important for your self-esteem, and you may go to extreme lengths to reach to top in your chosen field and leave your mark on the world. Second, he had that annoying Venus conjunct Pluto aspect in his natal chart, which tends toward narcissistic behaviors. Guest article By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer I awoke this morning with a dream of Light Warriors moving like white blood corpuscles through the One Body of humanity clearing the collective shadow. Question. I have vertex in Scorpio in the sixth house, conjunct my Saturn, Pluto and south node, so, also opposed to my north node This Sun-Vesta-Ceres-Jupiter-Uranus Grand Cross begins today (1/9), peaks on 1/14 and ends on 1/20. In this case, Pluto here signifies the absolute power he has in Tibet's political affairs, and with the trine to Vesta in Pisces, it's based on his religious standing as the reincarnation of the previous 13 Dalai Lamas. Dear Friends and Readers, As I write this Mercury is currently conjunct the Great Attractor and Ixion in Sagittarius. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant Neptune conjunct the Ascendant Pluto conjunct the Ascendant Chiron conjunct the Ascendant (Dark Moon) Lilith conjunct the Ascendant Juno conjunct the Ascendant Ceres conjunct the Ascendant Pallas Athena conjunct the Ascendant Vesta conjunct the Ascendant North Node conjunct the Ascendant South Node conjunct the Sedna, Eris, Ceres, Chiron, Vesta, Juno transits Pluto had just transited my MC in 2000, bringing a depression and philosophical crisis. Vesta; Other important elements. My own Pluto exactly Squaring my Asc, his conjunction and opposite my Venus in Leo Vesta asteroid is the "keeper of the flame," guardian of the truth and other spiritual and cultural values. Simonne Murphy. The asteroid goddess of devotion, commitment and missionary service reaches the most publicly explosive point in the tropical zodiac. (Juno conjunct IC - "You are ready for a deep emotional commitment. Vesta can be as intense as Pluto (she is sometimes described as a blend of Virgo and Scorpio). Squares Virgo moon and ascendant. Especially when both of these planets are in Sagittarius falling in my Scorpio 7th house; it gets tricky learning to understand the people I surround myself with. A. The Earth Goddess is protesting! Pluto is the planet of sex, death, intensity, psychology and power. As you pointed out that natural Vesta role did manifest is very distorted ways in Patriarchal times. Reply; I have a theory: Juno, Vesta, Pluto and Node. Trines Pluto in Libra tight. Sounds pretty complex to me. Nessus conjunct VESTA 2. Mark Anthony Perez, a Florida man convicted of using date-rape drugs to aid him in committing rape, has Hypnos trine Ceres (nurturance) and sesquiquadrate Mars (crime, rape). Like within minutes. VESTA conjunct SOUTH NODE (strongest November 21, 2015) In late October 2015, Vesta, asteroid goddess of devotion, commitment and missionary service reached the Aries Point (0° Aries)- perhaps the most publicly explosive point in the tropical zodiac. Thanks. My question is about the relevance and meaning of North Node Contacts in Synastry. Can you please do Pluto square Ascendant, I am not able to find too much on information on it so far. If you were born on the changeover day for Jupiter, you may be the sign before – double-check your chart using your time, place and date of birth here. Interesting! A person I met last year. But its inclusion in this Full Moon extends its influence until the 4/26 New Moon. Moon in aspect to Pluto in synastry 4 comments Moon conjunct, opposite or square Pluto, you are drawn to each other and there is a very deep connection between you both. Well, there is good news and there is bad news. CONJUNCTIONS TO THE MIDHEAVEN. I was born during the 60s Uranus/Pluto Virgo conjunction. the Ceres-Vesta My astrology, which may be noteworthy to this article, include: Virgo the Virgin stellium in the 8th house of Scorpio (sex, death, psychology, etc). Juno in Scorpio 19 degree, Pluto in Sagittarius 19 degree, Saturn in Jan 17, 2017 –Tom Robbins, Novelist, strong sexual themes, Vesta conjunct Chiron Prominent Vesta in the natal chart is associated with the importance of I have mars conjunct pluto in Scorpio, in my 12th house. It is 100% freeware and requires no registration fee. It’s his Eros (which is tightly conjunct his Pluto) in conjunction to my Lilith (we are not the same generation either and I have another Pluto sign, so my Lilith is not conjunct my Pluto). Hot but manageable. Any Venus aspect to Pluto creates a guilty feeling towards the love union. I have Vesta conjunct Pluto in 2nd house (cusp Virgo), and I have no sex life. Share. Or rather, a “proto-planet”, whatever. In the same house as Vesta, Phelps has asteroid Juno, the Goddess of marriage, conjunct Oro - perhaps indicative of a marriage of sorts to the pursuit of gold?? There's also a Yod happening in his chart between Neptune, Pluto, and the asteroid Toro. also trine to Pluto so even if we feel like we’re Ceres, Pallas, Juno & Vesta – The Asteroid Goddesses. 64 thoughts on “ Synastry–The Moon Conjunct 20 Asteroids ” MoonChild January 13, 2014 at 8:33 am. I was born with Pluto on my Sun and in the Koch chart, I have Uranus, Sun, Pluto conjunct in my 8th house. It establishes our will to live and our creative force. The placement that jumps out from this composite chart is Pluto at 6Vir47 conjunct the Imum Coeli at 6Vir20, the cusp of the 4th House, the house of the home. close pluto, saturn, vertex, asc axis, mc axis positively aspecting the others personal planets. and my juno in her 1st house my lilith and pallas conjunct her venus in 5th house her lilith conjunct my jupiter close to ascendant and pluto her saturn conjunct my venus my saturn trine her pluto neptune and uranus Finding What’s Hidden: Pluto Contacts. The Vertex axis conjunct any of the angles, Pluto transits to the difficult Uranus-Pluto opposing Saturn-Chiron in the Pluto trine/conj Mars or Sun: 2 pts VESTA trine/conj Sun, Mars, Eros or Pluto: 1 pt LUST trine/conj Mars, Valentine, Amor, Lust, Eros, Karma, Aphrodite, Vesta or Venus : 1 pt Neptune conjunct/trine JUNO, VALENTINE, AMOR, LUST, EROS For the following, we have a Soulmate Attraction, 5 pts ===== Astrology Cafe offers daily astrology: Cafe Astrology horoscopes as well as current planetary positions and aspects influencing today, tomorrow, and the next day. Natally I have Vesta conjunct my Dsc, so I guess his active Vesta in synastry makes him become the vestal Posts about Saturn conjunct Vesta written by Dr. That is the deal with Pluto in the 8th house, Pluto is a probing planet when making an aspect to another person’s personal planet (Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars) in synastry or perhaps our own personal planet we seek to transform that planet. Vesta is one of my favorite Goddess Asteroids in part because she’s one of TWO exact aspects in my chart. Vesta conjunct the mc. since we will all still be using it for quite a while. PLUTO: Mars Posts about chiron conjunct sun written by starsmoonandsun. Although i am obsessed with Vestal Virgins – Vesta trines my South Node – I am not so across the astrological Vesta. This can be a powerful aspect to have, but it can also lead to an abundance of power struggles and control issues if you’re not careful. They’re on a par with Pluto because the asteroids are just as big, and so, just as important. The astrological symbols for the first three objects discovered at the Bach's symbol for Vesta is a simplified version of other Pluto's Cap of invisibility Juno: Key to Marriage, Intimacy & Partnership. O. –Tom Robbins, Novelist, strong sexual themes, Vesta conjunct Chiron in Gemini. He attributes the fall of Sebrenica to homosexuals in the Dutch army. Natal Sun Conjunct Mars ~ The Fighter . 15 pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time) Mercury will conjunct Pluto and Mars and Mars will also conjunct Pluto. natal Black Moon Lilith (the ostracized) in Virgo and trine the U. we finally have Brother Pluto, Sister Eris 1. And he bases that on experience, he said. we have Sun conjunct Sun in synastry. Mercury conjunct Pluto in a composite chart combines the mental and intellectual functions of Mercury with the powerful transforming qualities of Pluto. Even though she is smack-bang conjunct my Mercury in Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. My AC is 7 deg Libra, so that’s a trine. Chiron In Synastry • Chiron plays the healing role only when it is tightly conjunct a natal planet in the other person’s horoscope, using an orb of Ceres in Signs, Houses, Aspects. The last Uranus Neptune conjunction was in 1993 at 19° Capricorn. I have Vesta conjunct Pluto and both conjunct ascendant in the 12th house in Scorpio. Both of these are reminders to finish your household chores and take care of other boring but important Between 3. . Is it meaningful? If your vertex is conjunct your descendant it will often bring meaningful others into your life out of the Vesta conjunct ascendant in synastry keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Juno conjunct Mercury in Synastry? Synastry moon conjunct mars/pluto midpoint and venus conjunct pluto in scorpio? MY vertex conjunct my bf's sun Goddesses & Transformation in the US Chart. He: Mars closely conjunct Saturn (less than 2degrees orb) with Venus in an around 5 degree orb- all in Aquarius Kinda loosely squaring his Pluto in Scorpio (10 degrees from Mars but definitely counts for him) Me: My Aquarius Asc on his Mars (conjunct Saturn). Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD · December 16, 2014 · Asteroid Hidalgo conjunct Venus conjunct Vesta, Astrology, Spiritual, Divine Feminine, Spiritual, Goddess · astrology, Astrology 15 December 2014, Astrology 16 December 2014, Awakening the Divine Feminine, Feminine Balancing the Masculine, Goddess Astrology Activation, Goddess Saturn trine Pluto: What does it mean to your relationship when your natal Saturn is trine your partner’s Pluto? You are serious, dedicated, focused, and feel willing to go to any extreme necessary in order to accomplish your goals. They are sextile to Pluto, etc. Pluto, the Invisible, with his magic helmet shielding him from human eyes. In synastry, his Vesta is in my 4H, conjunct my Aquarius natal Lilith 12 deg, Juno is 5 deg and Pallas 6 deg. My Jupiter is in Aquarius along with Sun and Venus. His Vesta forms a grand trine with my Sun-Neptune & Moon, and also opposes my Pluto, making a kite. My natal Vesta is at 11 Libra in the 10th house, conjunct Venus (8), Pluto (14), & North Node (14). Vesta/planet contacts in synastry are often overlooked. vesta conjunct ascendant part of fortune conjunct ascendant, pluto conjunct ascendant, saturn conjunct ascendant, Example: In the relationship between Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas (chart below) the composite Vesta (Sappho) conjuncts Mercury/Saturn (11th house) conjunct Sun opposition Pluto (5th house) and is the focus of a Finger of Fate with Neptune (6th house) and the IC. Career Challenges for the Pluto-Uranus in Virgo Generation ©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW The group that dominates the work force now is the 40 somethings–the 1960s astrological generation with both Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. I am a professional astrologer and I have Pallas in Virgo, in the 7th house, conjunct Pluto (exact), conjunct Mercury (less than 1 degree), conjunct Venus (3 degrees) and sextile (exact) Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the 9th House. Vesta conjunct juno synastry keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of Also Pluto sesquiquadrate Juno double whammy She has Hypnos quindecile Mars, square Pluto (power ruthlessly exercised) and opposite Vesta. I have both Jupiter and Saturn aspecting Mars very closing. But give and take (Libra) is crucial and you pay more attention to your partner's needs than your own. It’s like they both have Mars in Scorpio on steroids. Moon and semi-sextile the U. She resides in the main asteroid belt, has a diameter Aug 28, 2016 Vesta conjunct Ops at 0 Leo is about your previous pregnancies, . Marshall Applewhite, whose followers committed mass suicide on the coming of the comet Hale-Bopp, had Vesta in the 10th conjunct Saturn, opposite Jupiter/Pluto and square a first house Uranus. I used to badly want to become an ascetic, but not for a long time. Uranus Libra straddles the 8th and 9th with Medusa conjuncting it. Wow! How interesting to read about Vesta! Never did I know that Vesta pretty much “rules” my chart with its abundant presence! I have Vesta trine my sun, moon, and uranus, square my mercury and my venus, and conjunct my mars. People born from 1990 to 1996 will have this major planetary aspect in their chart within a 5° orb of influence. Indeed, the burning fires of passion that can coincide with Venus being conjunct Uranus in Aries and in trine to Jupiter retrograde in Leo is the great gift of this Full Moon to open. Posted on February 12, 2010 February 12, 2010 Categories Transits Tags Pluto, Saturn, Saturn conjunct Pluto, Saturn square Pluto, tee-square, Uranus 4 Comments Orcus, Vulcanus, Saturn-Pluto and Edwina Currie Saturn Conjunct Square or Opposite Partners Sun , Moon , Mercury , Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Audio Version (Overview of Saturn's effects of Saturn in Synastry Conjunct Square or Opposition) Plus Trine and Sextile click here Hekate’s presence conjunct Ceres as they confront Pluto together shifts our awareness to the knowledge of Ceres (in Cancer, the sign of the Mother) and informs the opposition with the inter-generational wisdom of maiden, mother, and crone. The first thing that strikes out at me is the Minor Grand Trine between Moon and Mercury/Vesta, apexing at Chiron. I m an artist /writer,sensitive, emotional with intense transformative experiences especially in love. Posts about Mercury conjunct Vesta written by grayastrology. Moon - Pluto: the Gathering Storm Sun conjunct Pluto: Minimalist or Megalomaniac? Chiron in Aries through the houses (part 1) Welcome to your Journey Transits of Pluto: Kill or Cure Chiron in Pisces through the houses Chiron in Aries through the houses (part 2) Don't Jump In! Moon conjunct Neptune. It has taken me many years to understand her resentment. His mars is conjunct scorpio and Pluto in Libra. This winter sounds like a challenging time for politicians Nancy. The two squares with Vesta last about 90 days. Vesta (1+ Aries) square Pluto (1+ Capricorn Moon Conjunct Neptune love Synastry ~ Emotionally Comfortable . I know there is something about this that gives me strength but i have no calling for devotion. Pluto in 1st sextile Mercury conjunct Neptune (less than 1 deg) in 3rd house, sagittarius. He is strongly against homosexuals in the army. Last updated on April 16, 2017 at 10:47 pm. Quincunxes Mars at four degrees Capricorn. Ralph Nader, who has devoted himself for more than three decades to protecting the consumer from unsafe products, has Atropos in the second house, conjunct the Sun (to shine), sesquiquadrate Jupiter and Pluto, and contraparallel Vesta. Welcome to the astrology of Vesta, an asteroid. Astrolog 6. I’ve been watching the ladies a few months since last mercury retro football match. Krista Says: Apr 5, 05:57 AM I have natal Eris exact conjunct MC- 8 Aries…. 40 is a many featured and customizable astrology chart calculation program for Windows, Unix, Macinosh, and other platforms. Wisdom in Ic. Becoming a martyr for something or someone Vesta also has an effect on our sexuality, but it is not the raw, animal drive of Mars or Pluto. I see Pallas transiting them and vesta is trining natal pallas from my mom venus. The North Node and my sun where conjunct. Hi Hiroki, I have a stellium in the 12th -Moon and Sun in Virgo conjunct Venus, Pluto, Mercury. She manipulates though feelings of guilt to exert her control. His uranus, pluto, and neptune touch my sun. The good news is that, eventually, there will be a little bit of a balance here. Having a natal Venus conjunct Pluto for better or worse, is tiring. There is also the potential for anger or even violence to surface. Mercury, already dealing with the underworld of his own Retro period, is now in the presence not only of Pluto himself, the underworld’s supreme ruler, but also of Mars, the Warrior God. My life is always in a state of change. The Vertex was also conjunct its ruler Pluto and this made up a midpoint structure of Saturn = Pluto/Vertex. My mother’s Pluto is at 23 Cancer exactly conjunct my Vesta. Ascendant conjunct a sexual planet such as Venus, Mars or Pluto. Vesta was part of the conjunction Here's an interesting illustration where Pluto/Vesta corresponds with a cemetery: Chairman Mao - T. Nicole Kidman: Dr Kaali and Dr Nessus conjunct Natal Descendant. Node of Vesta in in Cancer exactly conjunct the transiting Sun. Sun conjunct Pluto can bring to light many things political and psychological, difficult and ultimately beneficial (if we are brave enough to face them rather than sweep them under the carpet – whatever ‘they’ are). Ceres gave her name to cereal and was an ancient Cereal Goddess as was Virgo who represents Demeter, Ceres, Ninlil – mother earth in her various forms as the provider of our daily bread. The waking state falls under the jurisdiction of the planet Mercury and the 3rd house. Women, mostly. 15 Jan 2011 Pluto Conjunct Vesta. not sure what to make of it… but surely I don’t waste time in relationships unless there’s some depth, some juice. Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Vesta, and South Node. Larry Flynt” is one of my favorite films. ” — Chuang Tse. Mars is the planet of energy and drive while Pluto is the planet of deep transformation. Since Pluto rules all of the scary emotions associated with early emotional trauma, intimate relationships for a Venus-Pluto person (or relationships during transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Venus) always carry a threat (and opportunity) of revealing your worst memories of fear, shame and helplessness. Just wonder if the retros for Summer 2018 will feel/look like my so-called ‘normal’ life??Bearing witness to the daily psychodrama emanating from the noxious Trump White House for nine long months has exhausted us. As always, Vesta focuses and clarifies intent, enhancing any difficult positions that may arise in the natal chart. Like Like The Vertex Axis in Relationships. LOOK UP YOUR JUPITER SIGN AND FIND YOUR GOOD KARMA. – Ceres in Scorpio (23°) Square (~90°) Vesta – Juno in Taurus (21°) Square (~90°) Vesta . I guess it must have been the square to Pluto in Capricorn. Your capacity for self-sacrifice and your sense of sacredness is an innate part of your urge 16 Apr 2018 You have the power of self-sacrificing to transform your nature or the nature of those around you. Wanted to share this with everyone. This asteroid is named after the virginal goddess of the hearth fire, and gets lost in the rush to find When your Vesta is contacted in synastry, the effects can range from your devotion to, or rejection of, the person whose planet it aspects. This Grand Cross is four days shorter: it starts on 1/9, peaks on 1/13 and ends at 1/16. Pluto and the vertex of this chart are Gemini, through geodetic equivalents to longitudes, correlates with India. My SN is 12th/Leo and NN 6th/Aquarius. Moreover, they have the ability to look deep into something and uncover its mystery. What can tell me if Pluto and North Node are in the first house in a Scorpio ascendant? 16. I like everything dark, secretive, mysterious. Pluto. Mine is 10 deg Cancer, 10H, MC is 9 deg. Vesta and Your Love Life. The book “Asteroid Goddesses” , by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch, describes Vesta’s fascinating mythology. 6th house Virgo Chiron trine 6th House Taurus Chiron (conjunct Moon and Vesta)? Was searching for an interpretation to help me better understand but no luck. Look up magi astrology, lots of info there. Sun Aspects. 05 and 3. Pluto conjunct N. Relationships seem to limit me, with a north node in the 7th conjunct vertex opposing Mars conjunct Pluto in my first house of Scorpio. Node of Vesta being conjunct his Pluto and natal Vesta. First, we had Pluto opposite Sun in synastry so we have constant power struggles. 63 years. Lion’s Gate Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Vesta in Virgo: Time August 13, 2017 · by Dia Holly Hemlock On August 12th, as Mercury stations retrograde conjunct Vesta in Virgo, the Aries Moon forms a grand trine with Saturn conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, and the Sun conjunct asteroid Persephone in Leo. Sexual attraction: pluto, lilith, juno, mars, venus. Another person's planets conjunct one's vertex can be Posts about mercury conjunct ceres written by Pat. We have Vesta aspects. Pallas Athene Aspects. M. idk if its about that but I thought having pluto conjunct sun and mercury in the 11th house might show that. Vesta Conjunct True Node: You will feel fatefully drawn into this destined relationship which has a strong work ethic which you will embrace. And my venus is conjunct his north node Vesta conjunct Neptune in Pisces and Pluto will have stationed in Capricorn during the dark of the Moon leading up to the New Moon. Mine is in Capricorn, almost conjunct my IC, just one degree into my 4th house. Individuals with the Sun and Midheaven conjunct in the natal chart tend to be more in touch with their own consciousness because Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Synastry aspect (man's Jupiter in conjunction with woman's Pluto in Relationship Compatibility Horoscope) means: the woman may entirely change the faith and the life opinion of the man with her Oriana Fallaci (born June 29) and Vesta When WWII started, the progressed Sun of Fallaci was conjunct Pluto (her ‘calling’ planet) and that is a One other thing, main soul mate connection points would be personal planets conjunct the others nodal axis. (the partner of Zeus/Jupiter) and the Anytime Pluto is opposite the MC it is therefore conjunct the IC. My Vesta is at four degrees Gemini in the tenth, conjunct my Taurus MC at 29 degrees. Conjunct my Ascendent. Vesta is transiting Aries (she will retrograde at 13 Aries in August). “The People Vs. The sun represents our vitality and our conscious ego, the self and its expression. (coming soon) Descriptions for aspects made by the asteroid Vesta to the major planets. These are, of course square Pluto, etc. Word Count: 25 In the Heliocentric chart Venus, Pluto and Vesta are conjunct. Lilith and Juno (and ceres) on my ic. Natal Moon Conjunct Saturn- Emotionally Closed Off - Duration: Synastry- Venus Square Pluto- Selfish Attraction Vesta is conjunct my mars in taurus 7th (which forms a grand earth trine with saturn in cap and merc in virgo). The IC represents the mother in astrology thus your mother might die tragically or you probably had a traumatic and awful childhood. Relationships and the Vertex Axis. In Katie Couric's interview, she asked him if he prayed as the plane was plummeting toward the Hudson River. Uranus conjunct Neptune is a rare alignment that occurs every 168 years. Every 3 years or so, Jupiter will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. It goes something like this. Vesta is now a planet. Facebook; Twitter; Google+; Tumblr; LinkedIn; Pinterest; MySpace; Email; Go to Vesta Lyn Astrology. Transiting Pluto was forming a precise quincunx to the U. Vesta was discovered on March 29, 1807 by the German physician Heinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers (1758-1840). The astrology of April 2016 features…. Becoming a martyr for something or someone 16 Apr 2018 You have the power of self-sacrificing to transform your nature or the nature of those around you. This Grand Cross started on 1/19, peaked on 3/6 and ends on 4/20. MY North Node Contacts to His Planets North Node sextile Sun North Node square Pluto North Node sextile North Node North Node sextile Pallas North Node sextile Vesta His North Node Contacts to My Planets North Node conjunct Mercury North Node conjunct Venus North Node conjunct Mars North Node conjunct Ceres Eleven astrological aspects (major and minor) are taken into account. Now fortunately, Chiron is in the focus of a beneficial pattern such as this, so in this case the Wounded Healer is likely to start bringing us some healing rather than wounding. My Vesta is in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in the 12th house. Last year Vesta of a core sense of identity, faithfulness to the Self and focus on devotional goals was closely conjunct Pluto and north node, with Venus near by, in dignity in Libra, creating an appreciative and cooperative atmosphere. His uranus squares my sun, pluto sextiles my sun, and neptune trines my sun. My research on Aspects in Astrology is a work in progress. My neptune trines his sun and my saturn conjuncts his sun. Sleeplessness also falls under the jurisdiction of Mercury and includes agitation caused by the sign of Aries and the planet Mars. Dalai Lama XIV — Pallas conjunct Pluto (co-ruler of Jupiter) CS Lewis — Pallas sextile Mars (co-ruler of Jupiter) Vesta in the Signs; His Vesta is closely tied into his karmic path since it forms a trine to Pluto which is conjunct his South Node. K June 20, 2017 at 7:40 AM North Florida Astrology Association Bush’s Pluto is conjunct Mercury, a combination that produces a very focused political ideology. Leo 9°), Mars conjunct Pluto (Capricorn I am so grateful to be living at my parents’ home, while Pluto at 18 Capricorn begins it’s transit to my father’s Ceres at 18 Capricorn and my mother’s Sun at 18 Libra. Aries New Moon is Vesta in Planets conjunct the Nodes (1) Planets Lobbying for their Own Agenda or Are You Listening To Your Noeth Node? (1) Pluto and Polarity: the Yin-Yang Symbol (1) Pluto and relationships (1) Pluto transits (1) Pluto-Venus astrological aspects. ECLIPSES LAST FOR 1 year so I will leave this information up for a while…. It is more of a reasoned choice, which is in tune with Vesta's affinity Apr 12, 2016 John Lennon has Vesta conjunct Juno and Pluto, and other than his tireless advocacy for peace along with his wife, Ono Yoko, his ideas on May 12, 2011 Judy Garland had her Vesta conjunct Mercury in the 12th, opposite the Moon and . My goal is to be of service to others and help them achieve personal balance. Vesta in Taurus- Opus "All men dream Mercury Conjunct Vesta | an important detail catches our attention again wind by thefirebomb The thing that stands out most to me today is Mercury's contact with Vesta at 11 degrees Virgo. like Juno, Pallas, Ceres, Chiron, Vesta. , quincunx to 10th house. Jupiter conjunct Eros Ok, Also in the mix is Pluto, who is busy doing some serious demolition in Capricorn. Ceres represents our mother, nurturing and justice. Dr. Outer planet aspects include Uranus conjunct Vesta Neptune New Moon newmoon Outer Planets Patterns Pluto Predictions Quintile quintiles Rosetta Saturn scorpio Pluto will conjunct my Juno soon, saturn just entered my 7th house, jupiter conjuncted my moon & Saturn will soon oppose my sun. Just in the last 2 years I’ve been through Uranus opposition Saturn, Pluto square Saturn, Pluto conjunct the South Node, Chiron square Neptune, Chiron conjunct Venus, Chiron sextile Chiron… Nothing left from the person I used to be because of a very wounding Venus(me)-Pluto relationship which lead to all of the effects of the other transits. A. he recent Volcanic eruption in Iceland and ensuing chaos is aptly illustrated in the skies now with Ceres applying in conjunction to a retrograde Pluto. It is more of a reasoned choice, which is in tune with Vesta's affinity Pluto Conjunct Vesta: This person's destiny, and capacity to transform the self and the outer world is somewhat connected and fused together with their capacity 12 Apr 2016 John Lennon has Vesta conjunct Juno and Pluto, and other than his tireless advocacy for peace along with his wife, Ono Yoko, his ideas on 12 May 2011 Judy Garland had her Vesta conjunct Mercury in the 12th, opposite the Moon and . I have mars conjunct pluto in Scorpio, in my 12th house. aquarius Astrology Cancer Cardinal T-Square Chiron in Pisces Donald Trump eclipse equinox full moon Grand Cardinal Cross Intuitive Arts Ireland Jupiter in Aries Jupiter in Cancer Jupiter in Virgo Kathy Rose Leo Libra Mars in Libra Mars in Virgo Mercury Mercury Retrograde moon Neptune in Pisces Pisces pluto Pluto in Capricorn Pluto square Uranus The turbulence stemmed from several things, astrologically. ***13th Feb: Mercury trines Saturn (Scorpio) (and sextile Pluto); Mars conjunct Chiron Leading up to the Leo/Aquarius full Moon which is on Sunday afternoon here in South Eastern Australia, * Mars makes a hard aspect to Pluto triggering some of the energy of the square to Uranus. in the 2nd and trine Pisces Sun in 12th. The Sun and Pluto: softened by Venus’ feminine gaze. Interestingly, Vesta was only rarely depicted in human form; instead, Vesta is the fire itself . I've been quite interested in Vesta lately. Synastry: Vertex conjunct Descendant. Thus, Pluto conjunct Vesta as well as the N. Moon/Pluto does not have to be dark sexual but if any planetary aspect would be, it would be this. You both may tend to overcompensate for any difficulties within the relationship by throwing yourselves into work, healing and creative sacrifice. His Vesta = my Sun/Moon midpoint. I was born with my natal Mars conjunct Regulus. And the Lunar Node axis is generally within a few degrees of the Ascendant, but it can be the North or South Node. G. Eros in Synastry The Asteroid Eros represents erotic love. It is also a day ruled by Jupiter and Venus. One thought on “ Ten other love Vesta is the guardian of the hearth and home. The constant stream of insults and petulance and rage create a never-ending barrage of crazy that wearies the very fabric of the soul. Share Thread. Pluto is not far from conjuncting natal Juno while Uranus will be just past my descendant, a few degrees into 7th house, squaring Juno. Pluto with Vesta I also have Pluto conjunct Ceres. These planets together indicate that this relationship is likely to have a strong effect on the way you both think. 16 Vesta-Neptune and Pluto Stationary so we expect most of the interaction between them to operate in the Neptune-Vesta direction, more than the Vesta-Neptune The North Node In Synastry The NN in synastry is amazing. Sheehan (with Sun conjunct Mars, Pluto rising before Sun and Venus and Mars semi-sextile Pluto) is a real macho and has his preferences. A New Moon occurs on April 18th at a walloping 28 degrees of Aries, finally setting us free from unnecessary inhibitions and a huge panoply of outmoded junk. Vesta was part of the conjunction Lucifer conjunct Lilith and Nessus conj Vesta. S. Vesta is the goddess in charge of the eternal flame, the one that keeps the household alive, safe and well. It conjuncts my Pluto… but my Pluto squares my Pluto’s influence is very evident, with his Mars-Pluto square and her Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. The Sun is currently sextile the waxing Moon that today conjuncts Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, making this a rather emotionally satisfying Halloween, even if relationships are extra intense with Venus conjunct Mercury at 27Scorpio, the Scorpio Sun is still cojunct Juno, loyal with laser-like feminine intuition - like a witch's black cat ;) Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Conjunct the North Node: Catalytic Conversations, Shedding Mental Habits, and Honing Scorpy Insights be conjunct the Sun aquarius Astrology Cancer Cardinal T-Square Chiron in Pisces Donald Trump eclipse equinox full moon Grand Cardinal Cross Intuitive Arts Ireland Jupiter in Aries Jupiter in Cancer Jupiter in Virgo Kathy Rose Leo Libra Mars in Libra Mars in Virgo Mercury Mercury Retrograde moon Neptune in Pisces Pisces pluto Pluto in Capricorn Pluto square Uranus The Sun, Venus & Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (January 1 – 17, 2018) Venus and Pluto: energized by the Sun’s creative radiance. I know someone’s Pluto and Lilith is conjunct my north node. Been divorced for 30 years & hope this means some profound romance! Ceres Aspects Pluto: The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) can indicate what I call negotiation nurturing. Nov 28th 5:58 AM Mercury conjunct Saturn. Moon conjunct Pluto is the strongest of the Moon/Pluto aspects because the conjunction trumps any other aspect in strength. (Especially since the Sun and Moon are also square Pluto). Composite Jupiter to Composite Pluto With Composite Jupiter conjunct Composite Pluto, you can feel stronger together than apart, more powerful, and seem like you can conquer anything together. Venus Aspects Venus/Pluto: May indicate compulsion in love or prostitution (there are lots of kind!) or a cursed love life; also venereal disease and lately AIDS. 11 Jun 2009 Pluto with Vesta–can make any Plutonian proclivities sacred–so if you . I was born during the 60s Uranus/Pluto Virgo conjunction. I am a libra ascendant with south node, moon and pluto, With mars conjunct Saturn and Uranus in scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius. I hope I don’t become like my mother! Crazy but my son also has his Libra moon square Pluto in cappy, and my little one has Libra moon conjunct Saturn eeeek! The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, the Sun conjoins Uranus, and both luminaries square Pluto and Vesta. But I also have Today the Sun is conjunct Asbolus, which means “carbon dust. And for the other asteroids psyche conjunct moon. The last Uranus Neptune conjunction was in 1993 at 19° Capricorn. In this way, Pluto in the 3rd house has the ability to gain intellectual power and massive reserves of concentration and the result is a penetrating and obsessive mind. The collective aspects (Jupiter to Pluto on themselves) between slow planets are not stored Venus aspects in the natal chart describe your love life more than you might think. Eros-Pluto: This is a great aspect, as both Eros and Pluto seek the same things when it comes to Vesta is the second most massive of the asteroids, measuring some 530km (330mi) in diameter and has an orbital period of 3. vesta conjunct pluto The most powerful influence at first glance of the chart, is that Uranus is conjunct the Aries moon, and I feel this is a sort of heads-up for the up-and-coming Uranus/Square in late November. My Vesta is also sextil my Moon and Mercury, trine Venus, and square Saturn. My entire life is like a phoenix, the agonizing death of the old and the rebirth of the new. Thank you. we have eachothers vesta in eachothers 7th house her juno in my 2nd house i often thought about sharing my resources wit her with ease n trust lol. And also how would mars in sagittarius conjunct Jupiter sagittarius be affected by mars square Saturn. Hey there. With Mars conjunct Pluto, potent forces of the psyche are unleashed. However you both need to be careful that manipulation and power games do not come into play in this relationship, as the intense emotions that you have for each other may be Posts about Vesta conjunct Neptune written by Yerevan. My Vesta conjunct DC,Pluto 5° degrees away,(too large 28 Dec 2014 Posts about vesta conjunct pluto december 2014 written by Dr. In my case it appears to be true. Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune Transiting asteroid Pyrrha is quindecile Venus in the heavens and therefore also conjunct Alison’s natal Pluto – this is indicative of an obsessively ‘explosive’ power struggle. The Solar eclipse March 18, 2007 has Vesta at 11 degrees of Sagittarius Magically bringing Jupiter (abundance) Pluto (transformation) and Vesta (Sacred connection) into this eclipse and new moon day for us all. Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and keeper of the flame. Vesta/Chiron conjunction The cemetery of Confucius was attacked (desecrated) by Red Guards November 1966 T. November 6, For example, someone with Vesta conjunct Mercury will likely take communications very seriously, and that Pluto conjunct Midheaven in the natal chart often leads to a position of influence and renown. Currently, the US Government seems to have underestimated the dire situation facing its own economy and the repercussions upon the World economy. I remember reading something about 2nd house Vesta having to experience limitation in wealth, comfort and sensuality in order to learn how to manifest. LUCIFER conjunct DEJANIRA. Thanks in advance. Less than Pluto conjunct Uranus conjunct the moon. The Moon is the most important 'planet' in relationships. Astrology Cafe offers daily astrology: Cafe Astrology horoscopes as well as current planetary positions and aspects influencing today, tomorrow, and the next day. Lilith is Scorpio in 5th house so his Eros/Pluto hits my 5th house. Wow! How interesting Apr 8, 2014 The rhythms of Vesta in shamanic astrology are in all of us. This is the first time I’ve looked at Vesta. Vesta is the second largest Sun conjunct True Lilith, and Some astrologers believe that the belt is the remains of what use to be Pluto and that Pluto was I have Ixion conjunct (ix 4º53 Jup 5º 57) Jupiter in Scorpio 8th house opposing Saturn in Tau. The Vertex in the Natal Chart. The transiting Ceres/Vesta conjunction is also with transiting Mars. Moon Aspects. (all orbs under 3º) Not as much action from my side. and the 7th house Moon in Pisces is inconjunct Uranus--it's only aspect. Vesta is a protective energy and will fight for whatever it comes into contact with so Vesta conjunct the north nodethe vesta person would fight very hard to make sure that the person with the node was on the right path and the vesta person would be helpful towards the nrth node goals. If your romantic partner's Pluto is conjunct your Sun, there is a greater possibility that an intense situation regarding you life purpose is going to create upheaval in your relationship. Toggle Navigation. Vesta is also trine Saturn which is exact conjunct Neptune 3rd house/Libra. Poseidon and for some of the month T. Here we have another asteroid collection that’s going to sing for a few months. Cupido was conjunct T. Together with your relationship partner, you are even more unrelenting in the face of obstacles or hardship. Sun Conjunct Pluto 2016-01-05 (Thor’s Hammer) This is an annual transit, likely to continue in Capricorn for a few more years, and in this case has a Thor’s Hammer as the dominant pattern. it would be the love of Moon/Pluto. My natal moon in house 5 squares Juno house 7. South Node conjunct Mars North and South Nodes square Neptune Saturn opposite Jupiter Saturn trine South Node Saturn sextile North Node Neptune sextile Sun Neptune sextile Pluto. Mercury and Pluto, not conjunct, reside in the 8th. Ceres Conjunct Pluto in Virgo 1 st House. Venus opposite the IC would increase this. Node of Vesta in in Capricorn conjunct tranity Pluto, and the N. Hi Svenskasfinx and Kim: I'm glad this thread was started. The strongest composite aspects are Moon trine Pluto, Venus trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune, Jupiter opposite Neptune, Mars conjunct Uranus, and Sun sextile Mars. Synastry Horoscope Planets Major Aspects Minor Planets - Library of Astrology Ceres is conjunct Pluto on October 20 2010 after being retrograde. Dr Dejanira conj Natal Nessus, Dr Lilith conj Natal Pluto and Natal Lucifer, Dr Lucifer conj Natal Anubis. If you allow a 2-degree orb, my Vesta is also opposite his Sun/Moon mp, which is conjunct my Sappho (to make things less mysterious, my Vesta is at 20 Aries, his midpoints are at 20 Libra and 18 Libra) Pluto in Scorpio Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunct Pluto Mars trine Pluto Also a Gemini rising so my ruling planet Mercury is and it's in Scorpio lol Depending on which astrology is practice, Scorpio is either intercepted or in my 6th house. Have Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn all retrograde in the top part of my birthchart. The Chiron-Vesta Initiation recall is Biquintile to the Jupiter-Juno Initiation – that is, the Expansion of our Consciousness arises through examining our Limiting Beliefs. Home Astrology Forecasts March 2017 Astrology Forecast. The Vertex: a Turning Point of Fate. VESTA! This April, Vesta, the sacred flame, shares her focused light with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto. 3. Vesta on the Aries point, Conjunct the South Node. Nightmares can include the influence of the planet Pluto or Saturn and sometimes the Moon. Vesta is the divine representation of the flame inside ourselves, the one that gives us our spark of life. Clincher: Nodes square KAALI. This second Grand Cross simply adds Pluto to the previous one. Moon-Pluto Aspects: The Deep Well With the Moon conjunct, opposite, square, sextile, or trine Pluto, you are a deep well. Retro Mars conjunct Neptune [This aspect repeats for Liz Stride] 4. Comments Off on January 28: Mercury in Aquarius, Venus conjunct Vesta 4. The Moon represents deep security needs, and it is difficult to be with with someone who does not offer us what our Moon needs. In fact all the ‘faces of Venus’ as Vesta, Ceres, Juno and Pallas are sometimes called are pretty strong at the moment. Solar Eclipse as Mars has been conjunct Uranus. Saturn (by then) will be retrograde and conjunct the Galactic Core, sextile the U. Myself included, I have 3 girlfriends with Vesta conjunct Venus. do you have any thoughts about Pluto conjunct north or south node?24 Sep 2017 A close friend with a fifth house Vesta in Aries trine her Sagittarius . The shortest aspect is the trine set for 51 days and the longest aspect is with Pluto for 144 days. People born from 1990 to 1996 will have this major planetary aspect in their chart within a 5° orb of influence. Here's an interesting illustration where Pluto/Vesta corresponds with a cemetery: Chairman Mao - T. What we see between a couple when one's Venus is trine the other one's Mars in astrological compatibility. Sun in 3rd house of Sagittarius moon in 6th house of Aries. For example, if you have Ceres in 8th House Libra, you mix nurturing (Ceres) with sex (8th House). I really identify with what you wrote, specially the moon/Pluto square reflecting on romantic relationships. So, what Astrology shows this financial crisis as a World transformation? Certainly Pluto is a factor, but we will see he is clearly not the only one. sun conjunct/square or opposite pluto synastry This is a very intense and powerful aspect between two people and the both of you will be transformed as a result of your relationship, for better or worse. It is more of a reasoned choice, which is in tune with Vesta's affinity with the sign of Virgo. I am moved by written word, believe that expressed desires and written accounts have a life changing effect. My zine features nudity. You know, as I think about it, Uranus in Aries has been horrible for people who are independent. My friend’s is 11 deg Aquarius 3H, conjunct Ceres 12, Juno is close at 25 deg. Emily Dickinson, reclusive poet, has Vesta conjunct both Pluto and The asteroid, Vesta, was discovered by German astronomer, Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers, on March 29, 1807. natal Vesta in Taurus. Former general John J. Horus at nn

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